Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Are Cheap Chicken Coops Worth Using?

Yes, most people are looking to save some money these days. In your case, you're thinking about purchasing cheap chicken coops. However, you are concerned as to whether or not they are worth it. Well, the answer really depends upon a few different factors. 

The Strength of The Material

Just because something has a low price does not mean that it is poorly made. These cheap chicken coops might be just as sturdy as some of the more expensive ones. However, you need to be sure that you are purchasing them from a reputable source. Otherwise, you might be receiving false information on exactly how they are constructed. In terms of material, compare them to more expensive chicken coops to determine if they are worth it.

How Long You Need Them For

Perhaps you just need some temporary chicken coops until your permanent ones arrive from a special factory or something of that nature. In that case, the cheaper chicken coops may hold up while you wait for the shipment. The exact length of time cannot be determined without knowing the specific chicken coop. However, use your common sense. Be sure to keep an eye on the chicken coops to review their quality.

If You Have Back-Up Coops

Unfortunately, sometimes, when something has a low price, it is due to poor construction. If you are not going to purchase back-up chicken coops, then purchasing the inexpensive ones may not be a good idea. You could find that your chicken coop breaks, and you do not have anything to replace it with. Consider the overall cost of the coop and the back-ups. You may realize that purchasing a more expensive coop is the way to go.

The Strength of The Chickens

Of course, measuring the exact strength of the chickens is rather difficult. However, if you have smaller chickens, then they might be fine in these chicken coops. If your chickens tend to get a bit rowdy and are on the larger end of things, then looking for more expensive ones might be the best option.

The Safety Factor

In addition to the strength of the chickens, you also need to consider whether or not the coops are safe for them. If the coops are constantly falling apart, they could have wire or other sharp elements hanging off of them. Certainly, these are not things that you want poking into the chickens. Reading some quick reviews online should let you know exactly how safe and sturdy the coop is.

Ultimately, the answer really depends upon the individual coop. When you consider all of these factors into your decision, you should be able to come to a sound one.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Getting Your Own Cheap Chicken Coop

If like many people today, you are interested in consuming more organic foods then one of the best things you can do is to produce your own. Small scale organic farming is by no means as expensive or complex as it may sound. A great way to get your project going is to start raising your own chickens. All you need is an inexpensive chicken coop in your backyard, a couple chickens and some TLC from you to your clucking friends.

Your Cheap Backyard Coop

One of the best investments you’ll ever make is getting yourself a cheap chicken coop in your backyard, and start producing your own eggs and chicken meat. Your coop may be cheap, but it does not have to look cheap. There are many basic designs available on the internet that will allow you to have not only a functional, but also a stylish chicken coop that will add to the aesthetics of your backyard.

You can easily build yourself a coop for as little as $50, and get your organic chicken farming project on the way. You can use recycled materials to build your chicken coop. This could be a dog house or even scrap material lying around from a remodeling project. There’s no need to go out and buy a pre-built chicken coop. It is much more economical to build your own as it will cost you just a fraction of that expense.

Purchasing a Pre-Built Vs Building Your Own Cheap Chicken Coop

The cost associated with pre-built coops is really just reflective of highly inflated prices for material and labor. You do not need to be an expert to build your own chicken coop. Once you select a good design that is complete with instructions you can complete your project within a few days. This does not mean that you are only going to be hammering some wire mesh to pieces of board. It is a building project and will be the home of your chickens.

The coop must be built to ensure the protection and comfort of your investment (the chickens). It will need to be placed in an ideal location, have proper insulation, lighting and ventilation as well as nesting and perches for the birds. It must be built in a manner that will give the chickens adequate protection from the elements and animals that will prey on them.

Knowing and taking those factors into consideration will help you to determine the materials you will need. The nesting for example could be a recycled bucket or basket with some hay in it. You can look around the home and make an inventory of the items that could be recycled for your chicken coop then select a design that will allow you to use them up.

The thought may have crossed your mind that instead of doing all that thinking you could save yourself by just going ahead and purchase a pre-built coop. The fact is, you may have to spend some time trying to figure out and assemble the ready-made coop anyway so why not invest that time in gaining the pleasure of building your chicken coop from scratch. The pleasure that will bring cannot be replaced by convenience, plus, if you are on a budget, a pre-built unit is not your answer.

Getting a Cheap Chicken Coop that Looks Great

There are many reasons why people choose to raise chickens. For self reliant people, they like the idea of living off of the land and producing their own food. For others, they are very cynical about how their food is grown. They believe that there are too many preservatives in the foods that they eat. Raising chickens gives them the opportunity to produce their own meat and eggs without all of the chemicals.

For others, it is the first step to eating a healthier diet. Some of these same people like to raise chickens because sometimes a chicken coop can serves dual purposes. For instance, they can get a coop that raises chickens on the inside, but they can also plant a veggie garden on the top of the coop. As you can see, there are many different reasons for why people to choose to raise chickens in their backyard.

Building a Chicken Coop

In order to do it successfully, your chickens will need a good home. The first thing that you need to decide is if you are going to build it or buy one. The internet is filled with all types of free plans for building chicken coops. It is just a matter of picking the best plan and building a coop that is suitable for your backyard. As long as your chicken coop has the right amount of perches, nesting boxes and provides enough protection for your flock, most plans will be adequate enough for your needs.

If you really have the desire to build a cheap chicken coop instead of a more expensive one, use something that you already have around the house. Maybe you have an old shed or another smaller structure in your backyard that can be transformed into a cheap chicken coop. This would save money when it comes to buying materials for your chicken coop. There are plenty of ideas and plans that can be found at the site:-

Buying a Chicken Coop

On the flip side, if you plan on purchasing a chicken coop, make sure that it has everything that your chickens will need. It is possible to find a cheap chicken coop that is made with quality materials. Keep in mind that some have more bells and whistles than others. Your goal is to find one that has the necessities and provides a good home for your chickens.

Picking the Right Design

However, just because it is expensive does not mean that it is the best choice. But then again, depending on where you want to place the coop, it should have a design that blends in well with the rest of the community. Although it is perfectly fine to raise chickens in many areas, some of your neighbors may not approve of the idea. So the trick is to purchase a cheap chicken coop that does not have a cheap design. Remember that this will become a part of your backyard. It must fit in with the decor of your home and backyard surroundings.

In conclusion, raising chickens has become a very popular pastime within recent times. People want to be more self reliant and produce their own food. It is a great way to produce your own supply of healthy meat and eggs. However, before you can realize this goal, you must either build or buy an adequate chicken coop. Your flock of chickens will need a good home.